Q. Do I need to schedule a meeting every time I need pet care?

No. After your initial Complimentary Consultation, you may request service via the "Request Service" page on this site, email, or text message (textable number above).

Q. Who will be caring for my pet(s) in my absence?

Michael, the person you meet during your initial Complimentary Consultation will be your dedicated pet sitter/dog walker.

Q. Do you also board pets?

We are a pet sitting company, and choose to pet sit your pets in the comfort of their home. We choose not to board your pets in our home, as we have experienced that pets do much better in their natural environment.

Q. Is it okay if I have webcams in my home?

Yes. We are 100% okay with this.

Q. Is my pet sitter insured & bonded?

Yes. A copy of our insurance policy will be given to you during your Complimentary Consultation. If you misplace it, and would like a copy, please let us know, we will more than happy to give you another.

Q. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash, checks, credit cards, debit cards, CPS Gift Cards, PayPal, eChecks, Bank Transfers, and even PayPal Financing! All electronic payments must be from US accounts; payments from non-US accounts will not be accepted.

Q. How are emergencies handled?

Prior to (or during) your initial pet care service, you should supply Celebration Pet Sitting LLC with your primary veterinarian as well as an emergency vet (24 hour service preferred). If an emergency should occur and your primary vet is unavailable, we will take your sick or injured pet to the emergency vet you provided to us (only when one is provided).

Q. Can I have you & my friend care for my pet while I am away?

We prefer you either choose one or the other to care for your home and pet(s) during your absence. If you insist on having additional persons in your home during your absence, please let us know beforehand; much of our insurance policy cannot be afforded to you or your pet(s) in this instance, such as theft and damage to your home and pet(s). If we find someone has entered your home, or is present in your home when we arrive, and we were not made aware IN WRITING this may happen, we will notify the proper authorities in order to protect you, your home, your pet(s) and your pet sitter.

Q. Should I contact you prior to my trip departure?

Yes. We recommend you call, text or email us prior to your departure, as well as when you return home from a trip.