The "Itty Bitty Kitty"

The "Itty Bitty Kitty" package includes 20 Cat or "Pocket Pet" Visits at up to 5% OFF!

Cash or Check Price: $228

$ 230.40

The "Toy Poodle"

The "Toy Poodle" package includes 25 Regular Pet Sitting and/or Dog Walks at up to 7% OFF!

Cash or Check Price: $350

$ 360

The "Beagle"

The "Beagle" package includes 25 Long Pet Sitting and/or Dog Walks at 8% OFF!

Cash & Check Price: $460

$ 475

The "Golden Retriever"

The "Golden Retriever" package includes 40 Regular Pet Sitting and/or Dog Walks at 9% OFF!

Cash & Check Price: $525

$ 550

The "Great Dane"

The "Great Dane" package includes 14 Overnight Pet Sitting services at 15.6% OFF!

Cash & Check Price: $650

$ 700

***Package Deals NEVER Expire and may be spread out over time and over multiple invoices, and even gifted some or all of your remaining credit. Once credit is issued, your credit balance may be used for ANY SERVICE we offer.